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It's important for you and your family to eat good food. Take a look below at our catalogue, and don't forget that you can click on the pictures to see more detail. Then visit Ged Cowdery's shop in Cookham, Berkshire to see what we have in store for you. We are reputed to be one of the finest butchers supplying organic and free-range food in Berkshire.
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2 Bone Rib Roast from Maceys Organic Food MAC00001 £38.00 guide
2 Bone Rib Roast Serves 4-6
Perfectly trimmed beef, cooked on the bone for succulent flavour
Beef Wellington from Maceys Organic Food MAC00008 £32.00 guide
Beef Wellington Serves 4
Orkney Island beef fillet wrapped in light golden pastry.
Contre Fillet from Maceys Organic Food MAC00004 £12.98/lb
Contre Fillet Serves 6-8
The eye of the sirloin - need we say more?
Beef cushions from Maceys Organic Food MAC00010 £18.50 guide
Beef cushions Serves 6-8
A thin beef parcel stuffed with good things.
Beef Olives from Maceys Organic Food MAC00007 £3.98 guide
Beef Olives Serves 1
A thin slice of beef stuffed with pork and spices.
Steak Teriyaki Stir Fry from Maceys Organic Food MAC00003
Steak Teriyaki Stir Fry
Lean beef strips with vegetables and spices in a Japanese marinade.
Larder Trim Fillet Roast from Maceys Organic Food MAC00005 £25.50/lb
Larder Trim Fillet Roast Serves 4-12
Soft tender and very lean best fillet steak, which can be prepared in various different ways for you
Casseroles and Bourguignonnes from Maceys Organic Food MAC00006 £6.98/lb
Casseroles and Bourguignonnes Serves 4-6
Cubed or minced beef prepared according to your wish.
Beef and Stilton Grills from Maceys Organic Food MAC00009 £5.50 guide
Beef and Stilton Grills Serves 1
Tender beef with a stilton centre, guaranteed to stimulate your taste buds.
Topside from Maceys Organic Food MAC00002 £6.98/lb
Topside Serves 4-12
A lean and economical joint for all the family