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Get ready for Christmas!

This year we have a bigger and better Christmas Catalogue than ever before! For our opening hours click here. Check out our Christmas Turkey, three-bird roasts, Christmas Goose and Christmas Duck, as well as more unusual dishes such as Grouse. Pick your products and then visit Ged Cowdery's shop in Cookham, Berkshire to see what we have in store for you, and see the finest Christmas Hampers available. We are reputed to be one of the finest butchers supplying organic and free-range Christmas fayre in Berkshire.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!
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Buckingham Three-bird Roast Goose from Maceys Organic Food MAC00042 £95.00 guide
Buckingham Three-bird Roast Goose Serves 15-20
De-boned and breast-meat stuffed 3-bird roast goose
Roast Capon Chicken from Maceys Organic Food MAC00039 £25.50 guide
Roast Capon Chicken Serves 6-8
Free-range oven-ready chicken.
Judy Goodman Bronze Roast Turkey from Maceys Organic Food MAC00036 £45.00 guide
Judy Goodman Bronze Roast Turkey Serves 8-10
Traditionally reared free-range oven-ready bronze turkey by Judy Goodman Farms.
Three-bird Roast Duck from Maceys Organic Food MAC00055 £49.50 guide
Three-bird Roast Duck Serves 8-10
Smaller free-range 3-bird roast duck
Sandringham  Three-bird Turkey Roast from Maceys Organic Food MAC00043 £80.00 guide
Sandringham Three-bird Turkey Roast Serves 15-20
De-boned 3-bird roast: free-range turkey filled with chicken, pheasant or guinea fowl
Roast Goose from Maceys Organic Food MAC00038 £48.50 guide
Roast Goose Serves 6-8
Free-range oven-ready Judy Goodman free-range goose with a fine flavour.
Three-bird Chicken Roast from Maceys Organic Food MAC00056 £49.50 guide
Three-bird Chicken Roast Serves 8-10
Smaller 3-bird free-range chicken roast.
Balmoral Mock Three-Bird Roast from Maceys Organic Food MAC00044 £70.00 guide
Balmoral Mock Three-Bird Roast Serves 15-20
Free-range mock 3-bird roast: turkey breast with a pocket of chicken, duck or pheasant breast
FilledTurkey Breast Joint from Maceys Organic Food MAC00040 £19.50 guide
FilledTurkey Breast Joint Serves 5-6
Free-range turkey breast with various delicious fillings.
Roast Duck from Maceys Organic Food MAC00037 £14.50 guide
Roast Duck Serves 4-5
Delicious free-range oven-ready duck.
2 Bone Rib Roast from Maceys Organic Food MAC00001 £38.00 guide
2 Bone Rib Roast Serves 4-6
Perfectly trimmed beef, cooked on the bone for succulent flavour
Beef Wellington from Maceys Organic Food MAC00008 £32.00 guide
Beef Wellington Serves 4
Orkney Island beef fillet wrapped in light golden pastry.
Contre Fillet from Maceys Organic Food MAC00004 £12.98/lb
Contre Fillet Serves 6-8
The eye of the sirloin - need we say more?
Lamb - Saddle roast from Maceys Organic Food MAC00013 £42.50 guide
Lamb - Saddle roast Serves 8-10
A full saddle of home grown lamb farmed in the traditional manner.
Lamb Crown Roast from Maceys Organic Food MAC00011 £32.50 guide
Lamb Crown Roast Serves 6-8
A traditional roast famous for the entrance it can make to dinner parties.
Dry-cured Free-range Ham from Maceys Organic Food MAC00023 £7.98/lb
Dry-cured Free-range Ham Serves 6-12
Perfect all the year round, whether for summer picnics and outdoor concerts or the Christmas table.
Roast Pork with Apple Slices from Maceys Organic Food MAC00020 £32.50 guide
Roast Pork with Apple Slices Serves 6-8
Real pork with crackling, served with apple to complement its subtle flavours.
Roast Venison from Maceys Organic Food MAC00046 £28.50 guide
Roast Venison Serves 6-8
Tasty joints of roast venison, venison steak or casserole cuts.
Roast Partridge from Maceys Organic Food MAC00048 £3.98 guide
Roast Partridge Serves 1
The delicate flesh of partridge will surprise the palate.
Roast Guinea Fowl from Maceys Organic Food MAC00049 £7.50 guide
Roast Guinea Fowl Serves 4
Delicate and fragrant game with a very low fat content.
Roast Grouse from Maceys Organic Food MAC00052 £7.98 guide
Roast Grouse Serves 1
Fine free-range roast grouse
Roast Pheasant from Maceys Organic Food MAC00047 £4.98 guide
Roast Pheasant Serves 2
A brace or two of pheasant adds flavour if served with lighter meats.
Roast Quail from Maceys Organic Food MAC00051 £7.98 guide
Roast Quail Serves 4
Pan-roasted quails with grapes
Christmas Trimmings - Pigs in Blankets from Maceys Organic Food MAC00058 £3.98 guide
Christmas Trimmings - Pigs in Blankets Serves 4-5
Pigs in Blankets - Bacon and Sausage Rolls to complete your table
Various Prepared Fillings from Maceys Organic Food MAC00054 £4.98 guide
Various Prepared Fillings Serves 6
Fillings to complement perfectly the flavour of your chosen meat.